Samsung battles BlackBerry to become the top business phone

Samsung is on the warpath, with beefed up security features in its latest Android offering to dethrone BlackBerry as the top business phone. Aptly named Knox, after Fort Knox, the new security software promises to protect Android users from malware attacks. The BlackBerry range is the current set of smart phones used by executives and business professionals for employees in their organization. Samsung is looking to upset the Apple cart and get its own range of security enabled phones into the business sector.

To make a foray into the organization bracket, Samsung phones will feature a new concept of user profiles along with heavy duty security. All future phones aimed at corporate will come with two user profiles or personas-The business persona and a personal persona. Employees can use the phone for both business and personal purposes with these two profiles. An additional security layer is provided to protect the business profile from getting infected by malware, even if the personal account is infected. If an employee quits, he or she can still retain the phone once the business persona is deleted from the phone.

vs2This feature is expected to be available in Samsung’s future releases, and rumors are rife that the Galaxy S4 will replace BlackBerry Z10 as a business device. Market trends today show that companies are currently veering towards Apple and BlackBerry for their employees; but Android phones command the highest sales in personal phones.

Whether Samsung can break ongoing phone traditions to replace the current executive BB phones with its security and persona concept remains to be seen, but the team working on these phones are very confident that Samsung will soon rate No.1 in the business sector as well.

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