Rumors: iPhone 5S to launch this September


Apple has always been in the midst of rumors and speculations. For the past few months, we have seen many rumors surface on the internet about the release of iPhone 5S and 6. Now, a new rumor suggests that Apple will release a mid range version of its iPhone series in 2013 itself. According to EMSONE website, Apple will release the iPhone Nano or so called iPhone Mini during the launch of the iPhone 5S later this year. In this regard, one can speculate that iPhone 5S as well as iPhone Mini will be launched somewhere around September 2013, exactly a year after the launch of iPhone 5.

The report further states that Foxxcon and Pegatron will be given the responsibility of manufacturing the 4.5 inch Polycarbonate device. The 4.5 inch screen of the Mini is sure to lure in a lot of real estate hungry customers from countries like China, India and the Polycarbonate body will reduce its price as compared to the aluminum bodied iPhone 5.



However, if we look at the blog posts from apple insider and the Japanese blog Macotakara, we are confident that Apple will not be releasing a mini version anytime soon, atleast not in 2013. These websites claim that Apple has pushed the launch of its rumored polycarbonate version of iPhone for 2014. Well, this is not a new thing for fans as rumors about a mini version have been circulating on the web for the past few years, yet as of now we haven’t seen Apple release any such device.

Talking about the iPhone 5S, it will look much like the previous generation iPhone 5 (just like iPhone 4S which looked exactly like iPhone 4) and would only include a few new additions. However, the most exciting rumor about the device is its 13MP camera. iPhone lineup has been pretty decent with its megapixel count over the last few years (5 MP)and a 13 MP camera would definitely help the device compete with other better cameras in the market like HTC One’s ultrapixel zoe camera or the Xperia Z’s 13 MP camera. However, megapixel count may not necessarily mean that the pictures will be better. If the next iPhone really features a 13MP camera, then we would have to compare the picture quality with its peers to give a real judgment on the device.

We expect the device to feature the new A7 processor and an increased Ram. And some visual as well as new functional features in iOS 7 would make upgrading to iPhone 5S a more attractive option.

Sources : EMSOne, Macotakara