Rumors and Truths about Samsung Galaxy S4

samsung S4When it comes to availing information about new gadgets, the rumor mill is always on top of its game. Virtually all Smartphone devices which have registered a higher number of anticipation prior to their official released dates, their info have been leaked out eventually. Most of the rumors turn out to be true hence in an event where there is such a leak, it is only fair if we can be able to consider it. Not all sources are credible though. Some of them only give empty speculations to be recognized.

In the past Samsung have been coy about releasing any kind of information which would make consumers start making speculation about the yet to be released Smartphone. This was clearly evidenced in the latter version of the Galaxy S franchise i.e. Samsung Galaxy S3. The company managed hold on to the real identity of the Smartphone for sometime before it finally leaked out. Despite the eventual break through, credit should be given to the company for holding on to the information for that long. They have every intention of doing the same with this yet to be released device. It is only a week before the official released date which is scheduled to be on the 14th of March 2013 yet we do not have any concrete information about the Galaxy S4. There have been some little information about the eye tracking technology to be used in the Smartphones but nothing has been made available relating to its design.

The absence of any concrete information about the design of the gadgets has prompted a number of rumor mills to start making their own speculations about the device. Images relating to what consumers should expect in terms of its design have been made available through different Medias ranging from SamMobile to @evleaks. What all these rumors have in common is that the device will be slightly larger than the Galaxy S3 with what is believed to be a 5 inch screen display.

Via Gottamobile