Rumors about Eye Tracking Technology

2013 has hit and all smartphone and tablet developers and manufactures are releasing their next generation devices including new technologies and mass marketing items to generations. Apple generally releases their new technology later in the year towards fall, however there have been many rumors and speculation on what the new technology will be, because while a better operating systems is great, many Apple fans want to see something new they can boast to the world about. One of the rumors about Apple centers on eye tracking technology with the conclusion it will be a feature included in the new next generation iPhone and iPad.

Galaxy S4 by SamsungThoughts are that although Apple owns many patents in relation to motion control and eye tracking technology, the one they would feature in the iPhone and iPad would be similar to the technology Samsung currently uses in their Galaxy S4. Hopes are the technology would include eye and head tracking and would be much more user friendly and intuitive than the current software solution Apple provides. Another hope is that iOS 7 was built to support this technology and older generations of iPhones and iPads would receive an operating system upgrade once the latest iOS is released. Other speculation on Apple includes whether they will be releasing the iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 at the same time. Thoughts are Apple will release a more budget friendly iPhone but it is unknown whether the device will also have fewer features. Additionally if a new hardware design is needed for the motion control technology, current generations may just be out of luck and be forced to upgrade to enjoy the new features.


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