[Rumor] T-Mobile Could Abolish Phone Contracts This Month

According to rumors T-Mobile may be shifting to a contract-free system later this month. The company is expected to officially announce this on March 4 and will take effect on March 24. This means that the company will no longer be offering contract plans and those subscribers that are still under contract will be moved off contract as soon as their plan expires. The company also plans to offer an installment plan for mobile devices to lessen the price of buying off contract devices. Subscribers will have the option to pay an initial $99 then add $25 to $30 to their monthly bill until the device is fully paid. There won’t be any early termination fees anymore on this network with the removal of contracts.

Just last December T-Mobile made an announcement branding themselves as “un-carrier” as they begin to sell Apple products. This makes the company unique as they distance themselves from AT&T and Verizon.

Another change expected from T-Mobile is on its advertising front. Expect to hear the term “Dual 4G” soon as the company plans to run a dual network, LTE network over their HSPA+ network.

These expected changes of the company are a way of making themselves more competitive and to draw in more subscribers. There are a lot of people who hate being tied down to a two year contract and this plan of the company gives a good option for them.

Like all rumors, all of these have to be taken in with a grain of salt until anything is official. While all of these details may be accurate the company may still make some changes along the way or scrap this idea altogether.

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