[Rumor] iPhone 5S To Go On Sale In July, Cheaper Model In August

New rumors surrounding Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S (or iPhone 6) have just surfaced over the week coming from a Japanese magazine called Mac Fan. Apple is reportedly going to announce their latest iPhone model in an event this coming June 20 with sales expected to start in July. Aside from this, a cheaper model will also be released in August which aims to target emerging markets.

The rumor also adds that Apple will be showcasing or announcing their latest iOS which is a complete design overhaul of the existing one. This is what SVP of Industrial Design Sir Jonathan has been pushing for in iOS.

The June announcement of the iPhone 5S makes sense since it will effectively counter any sales gains that Samsung’s latest Galaxy S4 will have made on the market. A lot of people are criticizing the S4 saying that it’s really just a polished revision much like Apple’s own iPhone 3GS or 4S. What better way to take advantage of this than to make an announcement of their upcoming model.

The launch date would fall close to the launch event of the first iPhone model way back in 2007. Previous rumors suggest that the launch event will fall on the same day as the very first model however this was done on June 29 and this day falls on a Saturday this year. It’s highly unlikely that Apple will launch a product on a Saturday.

Here’s what to expect of the iPhone 5S (of course these are all speculated)

  • Super HD display
  • Uses iOS7
  • Uses a new quad core A7 processor
  • 13-megapixels camera
  • Camera will come with “Smart Flash”
  • Comes with “KeepSafe” technology that uses your fingerprint to secure the device
  • NFC

As far as physical appearance the iPhone 5S will be similar to that of the current iPhone 5. All changes done are on its internal hardware and performance enhancements.

via macfan

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