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Rumor: Google and Motorola Team Up for Motorola X-Phone

x-phoneWhat’s heating up in the rumor mill is that Google is planning to collaborate with Motorola to release the Motorola X-phone. As it stands now it is only a mere rumor and we cannot read much into it. The source of the leak is not accredited hence cannot be fully trusted. As this rumor take the center stage, in other related leaked information, it is reported that some images relating to the hotly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S IV have also been leaked out. The same thing can be said about this second rumor, it is simply not worth the buzz as the source is not accredited.

According to the rumors, the image of the Motorola X-Phone has been made available for consumer to have a look at what they should be expecting. The rumor also tries to highlight some of the specs expected to complement the device. From the image one can only see the inscriptions ‘Motorola NXT’ and gather that the phone will be oddly shaped. Considering the history of the company, the pictorial presentation of the phone could be a possible reflection of the real device but we cannot say that with much certainty.

A look at the highlighted phone’s specs and one can only be tempted to believe that they are somehow true. The device is set to have two cameras; a 5 megapixel front camera and a rather surprising 16 megapixel hind camera. The AndroidWorld leak continues to say that the Smartphone will possess as a 4.7 full HD 1920 by 1080p display screen which they claim will be powered by the NVIDIA’s latest Tegra 4i quad core 2.3 GHz 4G LTE processor, and a 2GB of ROM.

Rumors will always be available for the eager consumers; it is upon us to choose what to follow.

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