[Rumor] Facebook’s Custom Android OS Is Called “Facebook Home”

Facebook is currently busy preparing for a big event which is going to happen this coming April 4 at their headquarters. Dubbed as “Come See Our New Home On Android”, it is said to showcase the company’s new Facebook smartphone running on their own customized version of the Android operating system which will be called Facebook Home.

While the name Facebook Home isn’t official yet different sources seems to point in that direction. A report from 9to5 Google states that “Facebook’s invitation to its Android-related media event next week is much less cryptic than it would seem. The invitation reads “Come See Our New Home on Android.” While, based on these words, Facebook seems to be teasing at a new Android-related Facebook experience, our sources say that the tagline reveals the actual product name: “Facebook Home…”

A recent tweet by @evleaks also mentions the term Facebook Home “The version of Facebook for Android currently on this device needs to be upgraded to support Facebook Home.”

What is Facebook Home? Sources say that it is a modified Android OS with deep native Facebook integration and will probably be used on an upcoming HTC model. This model will incorporate the various Facebook apps and its appearance will more or less look like an iPhone and come with competitive specs. Rumors also say that HTC and Facebook are already in talks with several mobile operators to carry the device.

A recent report at the Wall Street Journal also points out that Facebook merely wants to customize the home screen of the Android OS to something that concentrates more on Facebook. The company will not actually create an Android fork similar to what Amazon did with the Kindle Fire.

If the rumors are true then this won’t be the first partnership between HTC and Facebook. Both companies previously worked on the HTC ChaCha and the HTC Salsa.

via 9to5google

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