Rovio launches new game – The Croods

Game maker Rovio has been busy with the ever popular Angry Birds Toon Series release and the launch of a new game for android and iOS users. The maker of the instant hit game app Angry Birds has come out with another fun new offering – The Croods. Whether this will achieve the phenomenal success the furious birds did remains to be seen, but coming from Rovio, there seems to be little doubt regarding the direction the game is headed – up all the way. The Croods is a free game available on Google Play and iOS app stores.

croods2The Croods revolves around a family living in the backdrop of the Stone Age. Each member explores the prehistoric landscapes, makes friends with the native creatures and tames wild animals to aid their journey. Gamers have to tame 10 creatures and move on to unknown, unexplored lands to learn more of their environment. The animals they tame are fun, funny and very creative with names like the Molarbear and Girelephant. The Croods will also have to decorate their caves with artifacts they come across in their travels to make for interesting homes and abodes. The animals along with their masters explore new worlds together. The game also offers items that can be purchased for real cash that can be disabled if the user does not want to avail this option.

The animation is fun, unique and quirky; a game that will be enjoyed by children and adults alike. The app can be run on iOS devices running iOS 4.3 and up and Android 2.2 and above.

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