Rooting the Google Nexus 7 for full control

Most tablets and phones do not grant the end user admin rights so that the software is not destroyed with people meddling with their devices. However it is possible to gain full control over your device by ‘rooting’ it. This is similar to jailbreaking Apple iPhones and iPods. Rooting is an android exclusive process whereby the user hacks into his or her system to gain complete administrator rights over it.

This piece helps you root your Nexus 7 made by Asus. Once the tab is rooted, you can work with custom ROM’s or install apps that hit your memory and root folder structures to give you control over both the hardware and software divisions of your tablet. The Google Nexus 7 Toolkit makes rooting simple and smooth by executing the difficult bits like unlocking the boot loader, installing apps like Superuser, ClockworkMod and other hardware manipulation apps and sets up root access for the user.

root2We walk you through the rooting process for the Nexus 7.

  1. Download and install the Toolkit. –

You will find the required toolkit on the site to your Nexus 7. Install the kit on your laptop or PC by running Google Nexus 7 ToolKit v3.2.0.exe. Select ‘Yes’ at the first page and ‘Next’ for all other screens to finish the install. To restore your device to its original state, select “9” and execute the instructions that follow. To safeguard your data, select option “2” during the install. This option ensures backing up and restoring apps and other data. The tool moves the backup created to the computer.

2. Start the tablet in fast boot mode. –

Power off the tab and start it in the fast boot mode, by pressing down the Volume down and power buttons simultaneously. Close and restart the Toolkit (after install) on your PC.

3. Connect the Nexus to your laptop or PC using USB. –

Once the tab is connected, enter “23” to bring up the serial number. Now type “8” to parallel start all hacks.

4. Unlock the Boot loader-

Select “Yes” on the Nexus using the Volume key and confirm with Power button on the tab. This restarts the tab and launches the rooting wizard on the tab.

5. Wizard Install and Debug-

Follow the wizard to complete the procedure. Once the basic config is done, enable Developer Options through the Settings menu on your Nexus and enable USB Debugging.

6. Rooting the Nexus-

The tablet restarts on fast boot mode a second time. BusyBox and CWM Touch Recovery have been installed.

7. Driver Reinstall-

If there are any errors due to driver installs, reinstall them using option “1” or option “2”

Your Google Nexus 7 has been rooted and opened up to a number of apps that require root access. The tablet is completely under your control!

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