Ride the roller coaster with Snoopy and his friends!

Great combo to hit the iOS app store. The most popular comic strip meets the most popular app developer to make the most popular game for Peanuts! We mean the comic strip “Peanuts” by Charles M. Schulz! Chillingo that made super fun Cut the Rope, a cute yet thinker’s game and Contre Jour is happy to announce the launch of its new “Peanuts” game on iOS. To be titled “Snoopy Coaster” it will feature everyone’s favorite smart mouth dog Snoopy having a blast! With most app releases this one will hit iTunes before any other app store. The game is sure to be a rage with kids and adults alike!

snoopy2With comic strips seeing the end of the light, a game featuring the star character is a nice way to honor both the character and its maker. Future generations will enjoy the game and be introduced to the world of comics and characters. Not a mere day in the life of snoopy, Chillingo has laid out a very interesting track for the beagle, a thrilling ride that the user and snoopy embark on together!

The game “Snoopy Coaster” features Snoopy and his gang, Leroy, Marcie and other fun figures. The game is fast and fun, pumps you high with great graphics and music, Snoopy and his friends ride a roller coaster and you have to help him collect coins, power booster and fun unlockables! Even the older generation will join in the fun once they Snoopy is in on the ride! The game will be released on all iOS devices but more details about the versions and other app stores are not yet out.

SOURCE : https://appadvice.com/appnn/2013/03/chillingo-to-release-peanuts-endless-running-game-called-snoopy-coaster