Revealing the Latest Video Showcasing the Samsung Galaxy S4 Features


With the Samsung Galaxy S4 set to be released today at 7PM ET according to ABC News, which is just a few hours from now, the world is definitely excited to see what this new product has to offer. To increase the hype, YouTube user iStevenCom recently posted four videos teasing the new Samsung Galaxy S4 features.

The first of the four videos shows the amazing capability of the device to respond to a user’s command without actually touching the device. This is called the “floating touch feature”.

The second details the Internet-browsing features of the gadget which pretty much shows the enhanced performance of the device and the improved experience of the user. It can be noticed that the user also employs the “floating touch feature” here while surfing the Internet.

The next is the SmartPause. As seen in this part, the guy tries to play a video clip using his Smartphone. But when he turns his head away from the device, the video automatically pauses. Then, it only resumes once he gets his focus back on the screen. But seriously, do you really have to turn your head 90 degrees for that like what this guy is doing? This is apparently one of the things that the much rumored eye control feature will bring. Personally, when I first heard about this feature, I was thinking that it would detect eye movements only. Now, it appears that this is more of a motion-control feature.

The last of the series of shows the new unlock screen of the S4 which is not much. Though there are some comments on the YouTube video saying that the response of the device is a bit slow.

So far, what we only found out from the videos are the main software features of the new Samsung Galaxy S4. There were no details about its hardware and other new software features. So, it is not safe to assume that the videos sum up all its characteristics.

However, a report from ABC News says that it would feature a larger and higher resolution screen. UK’s The Guardian says that the screen would measure nearly 5 inches diagonally which is about an inch more than the display of iPhone 5. Then, it would come with a quad-core processor based on ABC News.

Also, according to ABC News, the new Galaxy S4 is Samsung’s direct response to the new HTC One Android phone. So, critics just can’t help but compare the two when it comes to features, performance and other aspects.

But before we decide whether it can outshine its main competitor and other Smartphones out there or not, let us check out first how the event unfolds and how the new device fares in the market later.

If you want to know more or if you want to keep yourself updated, ABC News announced today that it would be providing Live Coverage of the launching event from the Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

Sources: ABC News and CNET

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