Real Racing 3 storms Apple’s iStore!

Real Racing 3 for the iPad is the hottest new racing game to hit the Apple store. The app is free for download on the tablet device. Designed for children, racing buffs will love this app! Time Shifted Multiplayer technology has redefined the racing experience for kids and adults alike. Father and son or brother and sister can spend hours on the tablet racing each other in real-time with high video quality and thumping music adding to the thrill!

race2Racing games have always excited children with intense competition between friends and family to beat previous records and set new ones on the track. Real Racing 3 is hardcore with fantastic graphics on brilliant RETINA display screens that bring the cars to life! The game offers hyper-realistic racing machines that have been carefully detailed to reflect real world models from the best car makers around the world – Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Bugatti, Audi and Dodge. Users get to pick from 45 sizzling hot models and add to the collection by unlocking more cars as the game progresses. A grid hosting 22 cars, officially licensed tracks and navigation capabilities using the device to steer adds to the thrill. The makers of this gaming app have worked hard to stay true to the real world with over 900 racing events like drag racing, cup and elimination rounds. Users can race Facebook friends with time shift technology, upgrade car parts for enhanced performance, and race on the best tracks from around the world.

The game is designed for teens and tweens with a passion for cars and racing! Brilliant app from EA Games, sure to be a rage on the iStore!


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