QUAN starts working on a multipurpose iPad accessory


Apple has revolutionalized the tablet market with their iPad series and it has been the best selling tablet in the market all these years. IDC analysts predict this trend to continue for a near future with sales crossing 117 million unit mark in some time. Analysts further add that iPad will be having a market share of over 53% and will continue to control the market.



With this enormous number of iPad users in the world, QUAN is aiming to create a must own accessory for these iPad users. Over the past few years, we have seen the tablet grow slimmer and powerful and with this new all in one iPad accessory, QUAN will make the tablet more resourceful and attractive.

The all in accessory would give users the much required protection to the device and the flexibility to add memory storage and expandable ports to the tablet making it function like a powerful laptop. The accessory would also have an extended battery pack, keyboard, speakers and other cool stuff that you would normally get with a laptop.

“We’ve been working with iOS devices in order to better understand and maximize the potential of new robotics and automation breakthroughs for some time,” said Quantum CEO Robert Federowicz. “Ultimately, we discovered that, in essence, the iPad is the robotics breakthrough. What the market is demanding are ways to make the iPad even more powerful. We believe that the expanded storage case we’re creating is the missing piece that will do just that.”

To give you some background info about QUAN, the company has been involved in the development and research of next generation material handling technology with a special interest in robotics. They have eventually shifted their focus from just robotics to better technology development and have finally entered the engineering phase of building the ultimate iPad accessory.

The engineering department has already started working on the prototype and would be launching this accessory as soon as they create a successful prototype. Currently they have been busy contacting various manufacturers in China for the possibility of a mass production if the prototype meets its internal performance targets. As a result, we may have to wait for a while till the accessory is launched in the market.

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