Qualcomm Releases ‘Reign Of Amira: The Lost Kingdom’ To Show Off The Power Of Snapdragon 600 Processors

We all know that the Snapdragon 600 processors will be used by most of the first batches of Samsung Galaxy S4 devices. How powerful is this new processor? You really can’t how powerful it is by just using regular apps that’s why Qualcomm has released a game to showcase its true potential.

The Snapdragon Game Studio of Qualcomm has just released Reign of Amira: The Lost Kingdom over at Google Play for free and acts as a tech demo of the new chip. The game requires that you have a Snapdragon 600 powered device running on at least Android 4.0 as well as a storage space of 122 MB. While this game is exclusive for Snapdragon 600 processors a lot of people are reporting that they have installed it in their Nexus 4 devices and plays just fine.

If the title of the game sounds familiar to you then you probably have heard of this before as the company has also released Reign of Amira previously which aimed to showcase the power of the Adreno 320 GPU.

Some of the game features include

  • Stunning graphics and effects
  • Fast-action and Episodic gameplay
  • Richly detailed environments
  • Unlock weapons, armor, and devastating special attacks by playing the chapter over

In this title you get to play as Amira as she fights the battle to regain her kingdom. You will get to encounter all sorts of enemies which you will dispatch to the afterlife with artifacts called as magical crests.

The game features excellent graphics which shows off the real power of the processor. Unfortunately though if this game is the same as the previous title then it probably has a weak storyline. The main purpose of the game is to showcase the processor’s true power which it effectively does.

If you already have a Snapdragon 600 powered device then this game is worth checking out.

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