Productivity Boosting Replacements for Stock iOS Apps

ios appsIf Apple has taught us one thing, it is that keeping the same stock apps and interface is something needed unless there is a “big revolution” coming.

Due to the poor apps coming from Cupertino, we give you some awesome new apps that you can swap for you stock iOS apps.

  1. Replace iCloud with Dropbox

Unless you are in deep with the Apple culture, i.e. MacBook, iPad, the works, then you will probably find Dropbox is a better solution to your cloud storage problem. Dropbox works on almost every system ever conceived, while Apple keep a tight lock on iCloud. For this reason alone it is a worthwhile investment to move, but Dropbox has a much simpler interface.

  1. Replace Mail with Mailbox

Where iOS mail falls flat on its face when it comes to looks and simplicity, Mailbox just offers an incredible service that is flat out better than Apple’s in most every respect. The only problem with Mailbox is there is a long wait cue to get onto the app, if you join now, you will be approximately 700,000, and it goes by one user every few seconds.

  1. Replace Calendar with Fantastical

The iOS Calendar app also has a poor interface that looks so old and boring. Fantastical is a fun, exciting and simple calendar app, which allows users to store all their dates in a simple way. The interface for Fantastical leaps over the iOS Calendar, but that isn’t a very hard task anyway.

  1. Replace Reminders & Notes with Wunderlist

Keeping notes and reminders is a hard task, especially when you really do not want to do the tasks. With Wunderlist, you can create easy notes and reminders with excellent settings to change date, time, recurrence and necessity. While reminders and notes work well as they are integrated with the system, as long as you click the app once a day, you’ll get all the updates.