Plasma Sky – Rad Space Shooter Android Game Review

Sometimes you just want to pick up a game on your device and play it immediately without going through all the drama. Plasma Sky is just the game that will give you all the excitement and action you will ever need. It’s a space shooter game that lets you do one thing; destroy everything else in your path.

plasma sky

Plasma Sky which is developed by Spikepit Games is now available for download over at Google Play for $1.99. You will need a device running on at least Android 1.5 and a storage space of 4.6 MB. Since you will be piloting a space craft with lots of enemies approaching you it’s preferred if you can install this on a device with a large display.

The gameplay is quite simple. You pilot a spacecraft and shoot enemies and asteroids that approach you in a two dimensional background. The game is quite similar to Galaga. Your primary weapon auto fires itself so you won’t have a problem in that department. Controls are quite simple and can be done either through tilt or through touch. You’ll have the chance to get power-ups along the way to upgrade your weapons and provide you with a shield.

The game boasts of 80 levels of pure action for you to go through. You get to continue the level where you died with a complete health bar for maximum gaming friendliness.  If the normal way of playing the game isn’t a challenge for you anymore then you might want to check out the hardcore mode which does not provide you with a health bar and you are not given any continues. It’s a matter of how far you can reach in this mode.

This is the perfect game to play when you’re riding the bus on the way home or if you are waiting for your dinner date to arrive.