Pinterest announced Analytics

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest has released a new feature for its business customers, Analytics. This means that you can track the activity of your business on Pinterest. The new Analytics service includes the usual features that most of the analytics offers. You will be able to get the number of counts of the pins that people have done on your website. You will be able to get the count for a particular time frame as well.

The service will also provide you with the count of repins on your pins. And if you are wondering what drives people to your website the most, you can check out the most clicked section of the service. And just like this, there are most pinned and most repinned sections as well. And all the data, plus more, from these “most” tabs can be downloaded as a file using the “Export” button on the top right corner of the page. This file will give you the details of the 100 recent pins in that “most” category. And for each such “most” category, you will be able to select a time frame starting from a day, up to a month.

Using this data, you will be able to fine tune the content on your website so that people visit it more often. And with a tool like this one, you will be to know exactly what drove so much traffic to you. As the company explains, you will be able to find out the reason for a traffic spike on your website, if something like that happens. This will let you decide if you want to post more of such content on your website so that people come in more numbers, and more often.

The service currently appears to be available only to businesses, and there is no indication of the service being made available to individuals in the coming times. So it is kind of better to not dream about it if you are not going to have a business account. For more info, visit

Source: Pinterest