Physics based game Chickens and Moles available on Apple’s app store

Physics and biology in one game? Chickens and Moles? No chemistry at all between them! And yet these science branches come together to deliver a fascinating new game that will keep both the adult and kiddie world engaged for hours to come. Daniel Johnston has created a physics based game to rescue chickens and moles from captivity. Simple enough theme, very interesting possibilities. Physics has never been so much fun! The game in a way stays true to the fundamentals of physics. Every physics problem is simplicity itself requiring ingenuity and skill to come to a satisfactory, logical, rational solution. The developer has incorporated this principle into his game to create an engaging puzzle for physics lovers.

chicks2The theme is straightforward. Farmer Grumble hates loud noises (surprise, surprise!). The cluck of the chicken and the drilling of the mole drive him crazy. To stop them making noise, the farmer cages these poor little creatures up.  The gamers’ task is to release these animals from their prison. How? Use a ball to break open the cages and set them free. Easy we think, but the game has some interesting turns and twists. You cannot simply toss the ball full swing at the animals but instead use structures around to hit the foundation and collapse the pen. To make things a bit more interesting and challenging, a player is allotted a limited number of balls to free the pets. Missing the pen causes the level to restart and the player to think out a new strategy. When a players actually gets down to the game, he or she realizes the complexity of each level and tactics required to achieve the goal.

The game requires the application of many different physics concepts as applied to the ball to hit its target. Chickens and Moles is a very interesting play for those who love physics based themes! Available for all Apple devices, great addition to your tab, phone or iPod.


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