Phones can be Vulnerable to Data Leakage

Smartphone’s data encryption was said to be the safest one for the users but now the belief is being put to doubt as the three researchers of Friedrich-Alexander University (FAU) have shown that they could break the safe volt of an Android phone by simply putting it into a freezer and deep-freeze itself.

freeze2Tilo Muller,Felix Freiling and Michael Spreitzenbarth – the three researchers put the data scrambling system of Google’s Android encryption to test by keeping it into a refrigerator for almost an hour till the device’s temperature went down to -10c. Surprisingly, they saw that changing the phones battery or quickly disconnecting the device after connecting right after it’s been frozen put the phone in such a mode so that the researchers could find its data using their own made custom software naming it as Frost-Forensic Recovery of devices like scrambled telephones. They could copy the data to another source and look at the details and find out the secrets of the data. Since, being cold obstructs the data flow and they picked up this idea to hit on. They could find out the details like contact lists, photos and browsing histories from the “frozen” victim. They ran this test on Samsung Galaxy Nexus since it used scramble data feature and now it’s been put to threat.

The team has more tests to run on Android phones as well as desktops as they confirmed possible data leakage in them too. The users will now have some doubtful days as long as the manufacturers don’t come up with new securities.


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