Petting Zoo app that leaves its users in splits!

A sweet new app has hit the iOS store. Called Petting Zoo, the app is a surprise package from The New York Times columnist Christoph Niemann and took almost a year to complete with several revisions to the original design. The app is meant for children ages 4 and above and works like an animated picture book based on a child’s trip to the zoo. Each drawing of an animal on the app is a separate chapter. The best part about the app is that the animals come to life when you touch the device, viz., swipe your finger up, down, right, left and center. There are 21 such animals that can be played with.

pet2The app is very entertaining for children as well as adults with unexpected reactions from the hand drawn animals. Its maker has added a fun element, springing surprise responses from the animals once they are touched with a finger. Users who expect typical response from the animals like simple walking and running movements are in for a surprise! Children can enjoy blowing a lion’s mane about or turning animals into musical instruments (surprise!) and a dancing dachshund with super cool moves!

A very imaginative and creative app, this is one of the more unusual creations to hit the store. The developer has kept the theme and animation simple with 2D graphics and sketched animal figures. The focus is on the animals rather than the graphics. A complete entertainer for the whole family, this app is available on the iOS store for $1.99

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