Personalized app, AppHero on the iTunes store recommends apps to users!

Beat this, an app that decides whether to pick, or not to pick another app!  Apps are now taking over our decision making process with a new app, AppHero available for Apple devices that recommends good apps based on app history and usage patterns.

To use the app, a user has to register and login with their Twitter or Facebook credentials or sign-up on the apps very own registration page or through email. The app analyses the user’s profile, activity page, likes, shares, follow up’s and other personal information to recommend apps on the store that the user may find interesting. In addition to social media behavior patterns, the app looks at the other apps preloaded on the iPhone to understand usage pattern for future suggestions. How the app works is that it provides users with categories in their interest area, a few of which the user have to choose during sign up to get the app started.

apphero2The app then provides users with a list of apps in that category along the lines of the apps currently on the phone or delves deeper into the user’s interest area to suggest applications that the user would like. The home screen of this recommendation app displays the suggested list. When a user clicks on a recommended app, iTunes information with screenshots and user reviews is available to the user along with the price. AppHero also invites friends to study the kind of apps they are downloading and recommends it to you if your interest area matches the app.

With AppHero you will not have to hunt for apps that might be of interest to you. This app does your scouring for you!


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