Pebble’s Watch-Face SDK Set To Go Out In April

Those creative souls out there can finally get their chance to design watch faces for the Pebble smartwatch for the iPhone and Android with the launching of Pebble SDK next month.

Despite the production delays on the smartwatch (with only 40,000 units manufactured so far), its founder Eric Migicovsky announced in a Kickstarter video update that they will be releasing a software development kit for the Pebble smartwatch in the second week of April.

In the video update, Migicovsky showed some early developer updates about the Pebble smartwatch including a number of watch faces like a dragon imagery, Mario animation and the original Snake game found on Nokia phones.

With a display of only 144×168 pixels, you can expect that the graphics of these watch faces will be very 1980s-like. There will be no high-definition graphics and certainly no 3D interfaces. The Pebble smartwatch is a throwback to over two decades ago.

Limited Features

Regardless, not all the celebrated features of the Pebble smartwatch will be made available in the Pebble SDK. This proof-of-concept SDK will limit the developers’ access to the accelerometer (or magnetometer) and the communication technology between the watch and the smartphone.

This means that although developers are looking for a way to hack into the smartwatch’s system of connecting with your iPhones or Android phones, Pebble’s SDK will limit their access to the unique creation of watch faces. That’s about it.

According to its Kickstarter page, the SDK is a work in progress. It also said that there’s a 99-percent chance that the company will change a lot of APIs. The launch of the SDK is a step the company has to make if it wants to support developers. It will allow developers to learn more about the Pebble smartwatch, as well as help the company keep up with the competition.

The Pebble Fad

Not all is smooth-sailing for the smartwatch, however. Although it recorded quite a high number of pre-orders, having raised more than $10 million  for its e-paper, there are still some criticisms if the Pebble Technology is just another fad that will soon be forgotten. Sure, for now it looks cute and it reminds us a lot about our childhood, but how far can the Pebble smartwatch really go? And will its SDK help in making it a necessity rather than an accessory that is not really needed?

As you well know, Pebble can notify you if there’s an email, message or missed call in your iPhone or Android phone. It also has a dependable battery that can last for days. There are numerous competitions in the market, but none has generated enough buzz like the Pebble. It makes you think though if this is something you cannot live without? And if it will still be significant in the years to come?

The Pebble SDK may bring in more creative watch faces and some other tweaks, but I am not sure that is what this smartwatch needs in order to top the competition especially that Apple is now preparing the production of the iWatch in the market.

Source: CNET

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