Pebble 1.9.1 firmware update arrives


If you are one of the owners of the awesome Pebble smart watch, then you would probably know about the unfortunate bug in the smart watch that has bricked a few units already. The bug will simply put your Pebble smart watch to sleep and will not wake it back up. That is bricking, and that means your device is dead, without any proper workarounds yet. But the company is working hard on replacing such dead units, which is really good. And you have to appreciate the turn around time of the company as well. This is because the company has found out the problem and already has released a firmware update to deal with the same.

So if your Pebble smart watch is still alive, update your smart watch to the new Pebble 1.9.1 firmware to keep it safe and far from killing itself. According to the company, the problem was with the controller, which “prevented the microcontroller from reconfiguring itself before the watch went dark.” The company says it has fixed this with the new update and that the smart watches which are still working have to be updated with this software update to stop those units also from bricking.

But if you have already lost your Pebble smart watch to the unfortunate bug, there is no other way out but to get it replaced from the company, which is made very easy, thanks to Pebble. So, if you have a Pebble smart watch up and running, and have updated it to the latest firmware, do let us know how it was.

Source: Engadget

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