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Not only is the MiiPC about to bring the reality of a PC with Android OS, it will also give the power back to the parents when it comes to controlling and monitoring what your kids can access on the Internet.

Kickstarter may have finally found an Android PC, which is the next big thing unless Google comes up with its own product. The MiiPC is like an old PC’s CPU, but with a strangely more attractive design and feel. Not to mention the power that this hardware pack. This is a plug-and-play computer box that you can connect to your television. Through its installed Android OS, it will allow you to surf the Internet, play games, edit documents, watch videos and run Android apps.

For $89, this computer box will bring infotainment to your screens via a Marvell New Armada dual-core 1.2Ghz SoC with 1GB of RAM and 4GB of internal flash storage. You can connect a keyboard and mouse to it, so that it looks and feels like a real PC. Also, the MiiPC will have an Ethernet port, Bluetooth connectivity and built-in HDMI output that will let you run services like Netflix.

Family-Oriented Computer Box

Parents will be pleased to know that MiiPC was created by parents for parents. This means that unlike other computers that merely block kids’ access to certain websites, the MiiPC can actually let a parent monitor his/her kids’ use of the Internet, the websites they visit and what they do there. They can also set a specific time, apps and websites that their kids can access.

It also allows for real-time monitoring, so you can see what your kids are up to while they are browsing the Internet. There’s a built-in time management will allow older kids to become more productive by giving feedback about their usage. You will be able to see how much time your kids spend on Facebook, YouTube, Google and other websites. This way, you can monitor also if they did their homework already or if they are focusing on other mundane things.

The creators—Frank Pesek (chief architect), Young Song (founder and CEO) and Richard San (chief product officer)—said they created the hardware primarily as parents. They said they want their children to enjoy the Internet by gaining knowledge and developing their research skills. But at the same time, the Internet is also home to a lot of violent and improper websites that you wouldn’t want your kids near to.

The MiiPC is a great way to let your kids run freely on the Internet and, at the same time, protect them from things they wouldn’t learn anything good from. Although we are still waiting if Google will ever come out with an operating system for laptops and computers, this PC with Android OS is a good enough substitute for the meantime. It’s family-oriented features will also make it attractive to parents who are finding it hard to control, manage and monitor their kids’ Internet use.

Sources: Techradar and Kickstarter

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