PayPal Launches iOS SDK to Integrate Checkouts and Payments Directly in Apps

paypal sdkVery soon, you will be able to make Paypal payments right from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from the application you are using and wish to make payments or transfer cash.  Paypal has launched a new SDK iOS that will make it possible to make payments for third-party applications on Apple devices without having to switch applications to make payments.

Paypal announced the SDK last Friday at the SXSW Festival via a blog post.  It also announced that the SDK will expand the customer payment options to factor in Paypal’s technology that allows users to make payments from a card by simply taking a picture of the card rather than entering the numbers manually via the keyboard.

Software developers can now create applications for iOS which offer improved user experience.  At the moment, when a user wants to make paypal payments while using an application, they have to launch the device’s browser (safari) or launch Paypal’s application for iOS and enter the details afresh to complete the funds transfer.

Paypal CTO James Barrese in the blog post said that the new SDK for iOS will completely simplify payments for developers as they will have the dreedom to concentrate on innovations for their customers rather than worrying too much about how to simplify the currently complex payment process.

“we listened when our developers said they wanted better capabilities from us, and now we’re doubling down on our developer programs to deliver the best tools in the industry” he said.

Aside from the in-app integration of Payment tools, Paypal also introduced new JavaScript buttons which developers can implement with just 5 lines of code.

Paypal REST, JSON and OAuth are the better versions of the most popular APIs.  They are designed to make payment simpler and more streamlined, immediate and integrated in an application easily.  Paypal noted that the SDK will first roll out to the iOS developers and that there will be kits for other platforms in the near future.

PayPal admits that it has not been rally been the most developer-friendly establishment, but they are ready to change that and is getting ready to demonstrate that their online payments will now be more appealing to both developers and users.  The company is clearly demonstrating that they are willing and ready to embark on courting developers with their new online tools specifically targeting mobile devices.

In the past, eBay’s X.commerce was PayPal’s development platform parent company but it appears the company is taking over the developer efforts and is already launching a website specifically or development ( which will host the tools, documentation, tools as well as other resources in one location for easy access by developers.

Via Macrumors

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