Path updated with private messaging and more

Path updated for iOS

Path, a social network that is strangely limited to only mobile devices, has just updated its app for the IOS platform, and the new app adds some of the most desired features in such a service. We are taking about private messaging and smileys. Yes, you can send private messages to your friends on Path, with awesome smileys. And the next new feature is the built in Shop. The company is doing this as a part of its monetization process. So what exactly do you get in the Shop?

Well, you can get some really cool stickers from the Shop to send to your friends. In the private messages to your friends on the app, you can send almost anything ranging from images, texts, music, audio files, videos, location, smileys, stickers, and more. So where do you get these stickers? Well, at the Path Shop.

When you update the app and get the new features, you get two “packs” of free stickers. If you want more premium design apps, you will have to buy them from the Shop. Apart from the stickers, you will also be able to get a bunch of filters for your camera which you get with the app. These were offered before, but not within the Shop. The Next Web writes:

You can send messages with locations, stickers, songs, books, movies, photos and videos in them. The messaging protocol supports single messages or group messaging.

The stickers have been put together in collections called ‘packs’. Two packs are free with the latest update and Path says that it has worked with artists like David Lanham, Hugh Macleod and Richard Perez to make more packs that you can snag via the shop.

Want more? Well then, download the app from the iOS App Store and enjoy private messaging on the new Path.

Source: The Next Web