Pandora now available for phones running Windows 8 OS

Windows 8 is fast catching up in the app sphere. Popular Internet radio app Pandora is making a grand debut on the new platform by Microsoft. The app allows users to stream music directly from online radio stations and save their favorite stations. Users on the Lumia 920 from Nokia and other windows 8 devices can enjoy unlimited music streaming without any ads till the end of 2013. The only flip side to this app is the 40 hour restriction on mobile music per month.

pan2The app works well on Windows 8 with. For quick and easy access to preferred stations, users can pin them to the start screen. A Live Tile on the platform receives the latest updates about tracks and artists and displays this to the user, without him or her having to launch the app. Pandora for Windows 8 also offers settings to prevent children from listening to uncensored tracks while allowing them to pin their favorite stations to the Live Tile and still enjoy the app.

Microsoft is working hard to get the best apps onto the Windows 8 platform and bring the operating  system on par with iOS and android with their large app base. Rather than allowing a large number of apps to boast of quantity, the company has gone for quality apps to give users a great windows 8 experience with top notch applications. Pandora follows spotify and Rdio on the Windows 8 platform and will soon make its debut on the BlackBerry world of apps.


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