Palm Top Theater Lets You Experience 3D With your iPhone

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your iPhone could display 3D content?  Well wonder no more as palm top Theater can transform your iPhone into your very own personal 3D home theater. You don’t need to wear any special glasses to do this as you only need to install the device of the company (which is easy to do) on your iPhone as well as download the free Palm Top Theater app from the iTunes Store.

How does it work? Basically you will be getting a peripheral device that looks like a case where you have to insert your iPhone. This peripheral comes with three drop down displays. The rear display is a full mirror while the other two are half mirrors. You will need the Palm Top Theater app to view the 3D content. You will also be using a special video file format which basically splits the image into three parts. There are videos provided by the company which you can view or you can also make your own custom footage. The app provided to you allows you to easily create your own 3D video.

Right now this is only available for the iPhone 4, 4S, and 3Gs since they are the models that can easily fit into the peripheral device. It’s also going to cost $36 and is available in Japan, US, UK, Europe.

While it may be a novel idea to watch 3D movies on your iPhone there really is a limited content right now available from the company. They are however announcing a call for content for anyone interested to provide original content for Palm Top Theater.

We are hoping though that this idea will be implemented on larger displays soon since viewing content on such small screens becomes quite difficult on longer periods of time.

Via palmtoptheater

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