OX Documents is an open source Googel Docs alternative

OX Text

When it comes to office productivity suites, Microsoft’s Office is the first product that anyone will recommend. This is because the product is simply popular. The product has been around for a long time now and most offices use this. And for people who are on the Linux platform, there is the new open source Libre Office. And if you are Google fan, you are probably more inclined to the company’s browser based Google Docs.

But if you like open source and browser based products, there is a new one coming your way from Open Xchange, called the OX Documents. The company says that the product will be fully featured and ready for complete use by the end of this year. But for now, the company is working on enriching the product’s browser based word editor, which is called the OX Text.

The OX Text is already capable of opening and editing Microsoft Word (.dox) and OpenOffice or LibreOffice (.odt) files. And it is also capable of viewing all other major formats. “XML-based documents can be seamlessly read, edited, and saved back to the original format at a level of quality and fidelity previously unavailable with browser-based text editors,” the group explains.

And just like Google Docs, multiple users can view and edit the same document at the same time, which enables collaboration. “A crucial factor in the development of OX Text was not to introduce yet another proprietary file format to further add to the productivity compatibility jungle,” explained Open-Xchange CEO Rafael Laguna. “Existing cloud-based tools insist that you adopt their format before you can begin the edit process that creates ugly conversion artifacts, putting a brake on fast adoption of collaboration in the cloud.”

Unlike some of the products which tend to change the formats of incompatible files, OX Documents will preserve the formatting. This was one of my major concerns when I thought of testing OX Documents. T later I came to know that the product will be available under GPL license and a commercial license only in April. So we will have to wait till then.

Source: PC World

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