OneLast Goodbye to Google Reader

Google Reader operates like your personally designed magazine. Users are able to create an account and, much like an RSS feed, subscribe to sites they find interesting and receive a continuous stream of updates. Google Reader keeps track of which news items or articles have been read and which ones are unread, much like email. It also provides suggestions, recommendations and trending items. Although Google Reader seems like a great idea and offers one way to stay current on news and websites it won’t be around for much longer.

read2Google is moving away from the free, open source service and dropping the dead weight, which leads to the next question of why? In the past Google has dabbled with other services and products to market to their consumers, but one way Google does this is through testing different options and see which services work and which ones to remove. Some of the projects that appeared for a short time before going away included OpenSocial, Activity Streams, Social Graph API and RSS. Moving forward, Google is determined to present them in a different light when it comes to media markets and winning over dedicated consumers. Currently two of the more well-known services Google provides include Google Now and Google Plus. There are many other resources similar to Google Reader and those services are newer and appeal to the mass consumer market. Google will look to stay innovative by focusing on other aspects; in the meanwhile Google Reader users have until July 1, 2013 to find another service.


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