One Big Problem For Google Glass Revealed To Be People With Glasses

Google Glass
Photo Source: Mail Online

The Google Glass is definitely an awesome device because of the numerous features that it offers that will surely make you feel and look cool. However, CNET’s Chris Matyszczyk (okay let’s just call him “Chris” on the latter parts of this article) found out that the people who are already wearing prescription glasses find it difficult to use the device.

So, a question was raised by the author, and that is how can he combine it with his glasses? He asked himself whether he could put the gadget over or under his glasses.

To feed his curiosity, he contacted Google to get answers. As expected, the company told him directly that it is not designed to go with people who are already wearing specs. Despite that, a spark of hope for people with specs was presented by Jay Nancarrow of Google. Nancarrow said that the company is designing other models that can be worn by people who require prescription glasses. But when Chris was asked when will the new model be available, the Google representative simply said that they do not have a specific timeframe for its completion yet.

Then, a day after his communication with Nancarrow, Chris released an update about his post. He said that the same person from Google contacted him saying that their company has already found a solution for bespectacled individuals which is reflected in a Google+ post.

Based on the Google+ post, the device is modular in design, so people with glasses can simply add frames and lenses that could match their requirements. In addition, Google released a picture of their Glass team member who is wearing one of the prototypes that they are testing to give people with specs an idea how it would look on them.

Greg from Google displaying how the device would look on individuals already wearing prescription glasses. [Photo Source: Google]
Greg from Google displaying how the device would look on individuals already wearing prescription glasses. [Photo Source: Google]
According to Google, the prototype will not be available for the Explorer Edition’s release. But this will likely be available in the latter part of the year.

In a separate news from CNET, Google finds that the product needs improvement in terms of style. Critics also voiced out their dissatisfaction with the design of the eyewear because of its very geeky features. So, the company is rumored to be currently discussing a partnership with Warby Parker, a famous eyewear designer, in order to enhance the appeal of the device. But when both companies were asked about the negotiation, they opted to remain silent about it.

Source: CNET and Google+