Nvidia Releases GRID Visual Computing Appliance for Complex Apps


Nvidia Grid Visual Computing Appliance has finally debuted this week, giving businesses an opportunity to deliver ultra-fast GPU performance and graphics output to any Windows, Linux and Mac client computers on their network.

According to a report by TechNewsWorld, the GRID VCA will run complex visual applications. It can send out graphics outputs and allow them to be viewed in client machines. This means that all the computers in your work network will be able to view the applications in its stunning graphics as if they are coming from an expensive and sophisticated work station.

It also means that users can run cloud-based games on their computers based on this Nvidia Grid VCA.

Since Nvidia has been a big advocate of cloud computing through a huge grid of processors right from the start, it is no surprise that it came up with own server that will enable cloud computing with graphics chips included.

This GPU-based system can run applications such as those from Adobe, Autodesk and Dassault Systemes.

Nvidia’s Grid VCA can be stacked four units high. Each unit has two Intel Xeon processors that can handle up to 16 programs at a time. If you are into cloud gaming services or graphics-loaded projects, this means that the GRID VCA can run 16 games or applications, instead of one. This is quite an economical achievement for the company

How Much it would Cost

The Nvidia GRID VCA will start selling for $24,900 with a required annual license software of $2,400. It’s a pretty stiff sum, if you ask me, but Nvidia has always proven that it can deliver what it promised.

Charles King, the principal analyst at Pund-IT, told TechNewsWorld that the world’s biggest standalone graphics chip maker is targeting commercial visualization and graphics market. The company, he said, is particularly interested in attracting small-and-medium enterprises, as well as independent design firms that make use of Adobe, Autodesk and Dessault’s graphics-rich applications.

When you think about it, Nvidia’s GRID VCA sells at a pretty affordable price for startup companies. The benefit is that this computing appliance will allow them to access, edit, modify and finalize high-end graphics projects without the need to invest in multiple high-end computers.

Nvidia will make it possible for workers and even their clients to view the project in the exact same graphics they were made with via an ordinary computer (provided that it is within the network that uses the new Nvidia system).

What it Means for Nvidia and its Competitors

The company has no clear competitor. It was the one that invented the GPU back in 1999, and it remained solidly the only company trusted by graphics designers and gamers when it comes to graphics-heavy applications. Even AMD, another graphics chip maker, doesn’t come close to what Nvidia has already achieved.

But the Nvidia GRID VCA brings into the picture the company’s future plans. An article on Venture Beat said that this move shows that Nvidia is ready to move directly to the market instead of going through its partners like Hewlett-Packard or Dell. However, it is worth remembering that the company has over 75 partners for its Nvidia Grid computing technology, which means that the call is not entirely the company’s.

Source: TechNewsWorld