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NVIDIA Demoes Riptide GP 2 on Project SHIELD.

NVIDIA unveiled “Project Shield” in January this year which is actually an Android gaming handheld. It was a surprising move from NVIDIA to come up with a portable console which actually runs on Android Jelly Bean and is powered by Tegra 4.

  tegra 4

Project Shield is equipped with a full-size console-grade game controller along with a 5-inch multi-touch display with a resolution of 1,280 x 720 at 294dpi. You can also find a micro SD card, HDMI port and a USB port in the console and the Wi-Fi connectivity adds extra sweetness to the whole package.When NVIDIA announced Project Shield, they showed us some Tegra 4 magic. Earlier Tegra 3 did well and now NVIDIA has raised the bar with its newest offering.

Tegra 4 is powered with quad core Cortex A15 CPU along with 72 GeForce GPU cores. It is based on 28nm process and NVIDIA claims it to be world’s fastest mobile processor. Jen-Hsun Huang, the CEO of the company showed off some mouth-watering gaming titles from NVIDIA’s own Tegra Zone which looked stunning. The performance of the games was buttery smooth and the graphics were amazing too. The company has some more interesting games for us too in the pipeline which will be released once the gaming console will be available to public.

 Tegra4 Performance

When NVIDIA announced Tegra 3, Riptide GP was the first game to be optimized with for NVIDIA Tegra GPU. The detailed graphics along with some special effects such as water splashes and motion blur made this game a huge hit amongst the gaming fans. And now NVIDIA is here to show us a sequel to this amazing game: Riptide GP 2.  According to the NVIDIA blog, “In this sequel to the original Riptide GP title, the splashes will be wetter, the waves and jumps bigger, the twists and turns faster, and the graphics cranked up even higher. That’s all thanks to the Tegra 4’s 72 core GPU, as you zip through canals, rivers and futuristic cityscapes.”

 riptide gp 2

They have also made some enhancements to the game for Tegra 4 which includes HDR lighting, enhanced water and particle effects, boosted reflection shaders and full support for the controller in Project Shield. These special effects will surely make this entertaining game more appealing.

NVIDIA has also released a demo showing the power of Tegra 4 and I must admit that they have come up with something which will force others to compete with it and as a result, we the gaming fans will end up having some amazing gaming titles with stunning graphics and interesting gameplay on our smartphones and gaming handhelds.

riptide gp 2

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Still there are no words on the availability and pricing of the game but we expect it to be available in July this year along with Project Shield.


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