Now Your Android Phone Is Safer With these 5 Amazing Security Apps

Secure your smart Android with these intuitive and simple security apps

Android is growing strength to strength, creating vast opportunities for businesses and an array of services for its end users. Android is a major player when it comes to innovation and thought-leadership. Smartphone is also geared up to provide a secure and safe environment for an optimized user experience. Hence, it has a host of security apps for its users.  Lets take a look at the 5 fantastic security apps for your Android phone:



This app is a great tool to manage and secure your passwords. Even in case of your phone getting stoles or lost the app will rightly protect your device data. The app gives you a combination of tough-to-guess passwords via its Password Generator. Its Sync Everywhere service gives an effective cloud data protection not dependent on the security of the cloud. This is an intuitive and smart which will delete the password on being attacked by hackers. Some other note-worthy features include data-sharing via e-mail, clipboard or SMS, record-tracking by group and type, range of menus and tool-bars for often used functions and much more.

Mobile Security and Anti-Virus


The apps provides a host of data protection and backup services for your Android smartphones. With its safe surfing feature, you and your kids can surf the net safely by accessing custom content only, free from malware or spyware. The app offers some interesting security features like it locks the device automatically if the SIM card is removed from it, in case of loss all device can be remotely even from a far-off distance. The app is a sheer delight to sue with a good UI and send out instant notifications about anything not working well with your device.

AVG Security Anti-Virus


The AVG security anti-virus for your mobile helps you get rid of unwanted malware, spyware, anti-virus and text messages. There are currently over a 15,000,000 people using this security apps for their Android smartphone. You can scan your apps, settings and almost all files and data stored in your mobile device. It shuts down tasks that hamper the speed of your mobile phone, keep track of your battery, storage space and data package use and much more. This smart app locks up your apps to protect your phone’s privacy and your device’s setting configurations.

Seek Droid AntiTheft & Security



The app offers an excellent support at times, when your device is lost or stolen. You may easily locate your device on a map, set off a notification alarm and much more. You can manage multiple devices from a single user account, build custom text messages, remotely clear off SD card, disable your app from being uninstalled, let’s your device work even in the absence of a SIM card, saves battery life to name a few. This amazing app is sure must-have for all Android users. Its flawless functionality and very useful features deliver what they promise to its users.unnamed


Lookout Security & Anti-Virus

This app is designed to keep your Android phone safe and secure while performing any sort of function. The app has a premium as well as a free version. The app is successfully being downloaded by around 30 million customers worldwide. The app protects your phone from slowing down and save you from unwanted fees and other charges on updates. The app is efficient and sensitive to spot and get rid of viruses and spyware that are hidden in e-mail attachments and phone files. The app offers some other great features such as, it helps to locate your phone in case of theft or loss its Google Maps service, the app has a reliable back-up for data stored in your phone.

To wrap it up

As per a recent survey released by AV-Test on security app protection, the average detection rate across the apps was 94%, with a median rate of 97%. In general, there were very few false-positive results generated during the test.

Smartphone companies are offering more security options to its end user by providing anti-theft, secure browsing, data encryption and parental controls with their mobile apps. In addition, there is more stress on saving the latent battery life of the device or else users are likely to remove the app

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