Nook Media attracting Windows 8 users with free reading content

Nook Media which is an ancillary tablet unit of Barnes & Noble has upped its freebie content in a bid to attract more users. The company has announced a set of five books and magazines users can download for free if they get the Nook app on windows phones and tablets. This offer is over and above the company’s free booklist boasting of over 1 million free books. The store contains stocks over 3 million comics, books and magazines for users to enjoy. Nook Media is partly owned by Microsoft and is working on a strategy to boost the app’s usage on the windows 8 platform.

nook2The company says it will offer users a list of free books they can download and surprisingly, these include popular books and recent bestsellers. A book as recent as Life of Pi is available on the app’s book store for free! The offer is not limited to books only. It also includes magazines, comics and other reading material. A twist to the tale however, is that only the first 100,000 customers can download the bestseller Life of Pi. This is a silly feature considering digital content can never run out. The book doesn’t have to be reprinted. An upside to the new app strategy however is that users can now pay for books using their Microsoft accounts since Microsoft co-owns B&N and is promoting the app.

The app will boost sales on Windows 8 based tabs and phones; since one of the considerations of a tablet is eBook support. Nook is also planning to add in-app services like in-app payments that will help Microsoft catch up with the likes of Apple and Amazon, companies that already offer such features in their app stores.


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