Nokia’s Place Tag app identifies locations in a photograph!

Nokia is riding a huge wave with each phone better than the last, each feature a bigger success than its predecessor and each update a gigantic leap from the last. The Finnish company has released a beta version of its new Place Tag app. The app is exclusively for Windows 8 Lumia devices. Brilliant new app, this offering takes augmented reality to a whole new level. Nokia’s fantastic LiveSight technology reveals information about places captured in a photograph. When a picture is snapped using Place Tag, information about the location in the picture is automatically updated at the bottom of the photo.

City Lens labels locations around you and identifies landmarks, hotels and other structures; Place Tag is an enhancement to this feature and gives the user the exact location a photo was shot in- a brilliant app to have on your phone, especially travelers who can identify exactly where a shot was taken even at a later date. Nokia has made a brilliant comeback after the beating it took by Samsung, Sony and Apple when the smart phone era was just beginning. Lumia capabilities running Windows 8 is a powerful combination that Nokia has used to forge ahead in the game. City Lens and Place Tag are rich icing on a delicious cake.

place2In addition to just tagging a location or landmark in a snapshot, information about a location can be attached to an image using a variety of templates allowing users to send a virtual postcard to friends and family. One up on Apple’s virtual postcard app, the Place Tag feature automatically adds information about the place the user is in, without any input from the user. Apple has yet to add this feature in its own offering. Other exciting features about the app are its Sightline and Freeze options allowing users to choose information right in their line of sight or pause or freeze the photograph to see different options available.

The beta version of the app is currently doing rounds for free and is available for Windows 8 platform. There is no stopping Nokia’s forward march with fantastic hardware realizing its full potential with fabulous software and features!