Nokia Lumia 822 gets a new software update

Nokia Lumia 822 users have a reason to celebrate. The phone has received an over-the-air software update that delivers interesting new features. The Lumia series has been hugely successful with great software-hardware collaboration. Every single Lumia series that was released was sold out in days of stock hitting electronic stores. The Finnish company incorporated Windows 8 for their new handset series soon after the touch OS was released by Microsoft. With brilliant feature City Lens, the Lumia series is ruling smartphone markets. Packed to the hilt with fun features, the update adds to this already rich collection of apps and functionality. Users love Nokia’s rise to the top with its new Windows 8 offerings.

lumia2The new update has been rolled out by Nokia for Lumia 822 Verizon Wireless Windows 8 phones. The update aims at improving performance of connectivity tools Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Also featured in the update is better support for a larger variety of SD card brands for increased storage. Relatively basic features, taken for granted by consumers were missing from the Lumia 822. These have been addressed with the new update. Now users can set MP3 files as the ringtone, forward messages to multiple recipients, edit a multimedia message before forwarding and send a caller a text message in response to a call a user cannot take.

Surprising that Nokia overlooked a couple of basic features in its new offering, especially since these phones were designed to draw consumers away from the likes of Apple and Samsung but Nokia still managed to draw attention with its 950 Lumia series. The 822 still fares well though, with good looks and trendy personality, and the new update takes care of these minor bugs. Lumia 822 is back in the game with the new update.

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