Nokia Feels Heat on Microsoft’s Intention to Enter Smartphone Market

microsoftMicrosoft is a Redmond firm which has been supplying its partners with the Windows Phone ecosystem. One of their proved partners is Nokia. Rumor has it that the firm is intending to start producing their own Surface Smartphones. Microsoft launched the Windows Phone 8 OS which is their latest version and is operational in some of its partners’ devices. The Windows Phone platform is set to compete with the other popular brands such as the iOS, Android, and the BlackBerry 10. Currently they are not doing very well but if they decide to go ahead with above idea, chances are that they’re likely to inch a few steps closer.

Despite the fact that the above concept is still gaining grounds and that Microsoft themselves have been heard out rightly denouncing the rumor, Nokia are not taking any chances. They have come out protesting the idea very strongly. Nokia believes that if Microsoft decides to acts on the idea, it will result to negative impacts on the popularity of Nokia’s Smartphones. The uncertainties are inevitable. Since Microsoft supplies Nokia with the Windows Phone operating system, this move will put Nokia in a very compromising position. Nokia claims that, it would be hard for them to convince Microsoft to implement any valid changes to their Windows Phone OS. Another concern that they highlighted is that, Nokia risked losing out completely on their investment in Windows Phone. These concerns are very serious and could explain the buzz.

Microsoft surprised many when they launched the Surface Tablets as their first gadgets. It was so unexpected of them but they managed to pull through. Therefore the idea of a Surface Smartphone is not farfetched. On numerous occasions firms have been heard publicly condemning an idea in its initial stages only to later on implement the same. A good example was when Apple’s CEO Steve Job was heard refuting the idea that they were planning to manufacture a 7 inch Tablet. Later on they released the iPad mini with a 7.9 inch display screen.

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