Nokia compares Lumia 920 camera with Galaxy S III


It is a very well known fact that Nokia is losing its charm in the smart phone world. The company has tried a lot of new things, which were not in its context a few years back. The company changed the operating system from its own Symbian to the third party Windows Phone, and completely changed the way the Nokia smart phones look with the very unified Lumia design. And the company started focusing more on smart phone camera technology with its really brilliant Pure View camera technology.

And ever since the company made Pure View available for the public, the company has been making some or the other kind of comparison with other smart phones. Last year, we saw a lot of comparisons of the Pure View camera on the Nokia smart phone with all other major smart phones in the international market.

After this, there was the comparison of the camera on the Nokia Lumia 920 with the Apple iPhone 5, Google Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S III, and the BlackBerry Z10. This comparison happened last month, and the test was conducted to check which of these smart phones will produce the best image quality and visibility in low light conditions. And without any second though, the Nokia Lumia 920 won the match fair and square. And the runner up was the Apple iPhone 5 which produced somewhat okay images.

And in an attempt to do something like this, Nokia released a small video some time back comparing the Nokia Lumia 920 with what appears to be a Samsung Galaxy S III. We will talk about this in a while. The test was done to find out which smart phone would record the best quality video in low light conditions. You can see the result in the video below.

And we say that the second smart phone may be the Galaxy S III because the video was released online on the day of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S IV, and both the Galaxy S IV and the Galaxy S III look the same until you keep them side by side and compare their screen sizes.

Source: Phone Arena

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