Nokia 920 Front Facing Camera And Proximity Sensor Dust Fix

One of the main concerns of owners of the Nokia 920 is dust which tends to get inside the unit. It’s not just an isolated case as more and more people who own the device have been reporting the same problem. The dust degrades the photos taken by the camera as the dust accumulates on the front facing camera. It’s also causing other problems such as dropped calls and difficulty in accessing the menus.

Over at the Nokia Support Discussions forum a lot of people have posted their complaints regarding this issue.

“I swear, I’ve had so many of these little issues, I have no idea why I have to be the first to get something. Maybe next time I’ll let everyone else work the kinks out first lol I’m seriously tempted to return my Lumia for an Android phone or even…I hate to say this…an iPhone. The manufacturing quality of the iPhone is simply unmatched though…”

“Same exact thing happening on my black Lumia 920. Although, on my model, it looks as though the screen and the top frame on the phone aren’t molded together very tightly, and you can see where the dust particles are getting in.

I used an air duster on the crease between the screen and the edge and it actually cleared the dust out from under the lens.”

“I have the same issue with my Nokia Lumia 920 (white) i just boughted 2 weeks ago and it is kind of unacceptable at this point. It looks like a manufacturing issue. please fix this asap.I am planing to return it back to ATT.”

Nokia has right now acknowledged the problem and admits that it is caused by a design flaw. The company will be correcting this flaw in future devices. For those who already own the Lumia 920 a source inside the company says that they will be solving this problem by introducing a protective sheath between the front facing camera and the proximity sensor. This will effectively stop the dust from interfering with the sensitive sensors.

There’s’ no information yet as to when the company will make this protective sheath available.

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