Newest In-Vogue Cell Phone Accessories

With the amazing growth of cell phone users over the years, another trend has followed the hype all through the time and that is of cell phone accessories. From skins to covers, bling blings to headphones, and Bluetooth to external speakers, the market is moving fast. So in the latest move to pair up your prized cell phone to a competent in-style accessory the following two tech products will give you some true practical benefits.

• Bēm Wireless Outlet Speaker: This amazing little device is the ultimate plug and play option for hassle free music streaming. Convenient to plug onto any socket, the device is Bluetooth enabled and can connect from as far as 25 feet. Saving you from messing around with large speakers and tangled wires, the Bēm Outlet Speaker is much handy, portable and blends in with the surrounding. Equipped with USB port and in/out jacks, the speaker is easily connectable to any cell phones or other devices. The speaker’s USB port also doubles as mobile phone charger. Priced $100 and available in two colors (black & white), the speaker is just a tad bit larger than a juice pack.

access2• iWALK Pocket Charger: Running out of batteries will no longer be a worry with this cool new accessory. From the smart collection of accessories of Apple comes the mini pocket charger to power up your mobile gadget even when the battery has died completely. The easy dock charger can be used for iPhones/iPods as well as other devices too. Available in two different models, the Link 1000i and the iWalk 2500 is available at $40 and $60 respectively. In the same order the two models carry a capacity of 1000mAh and 2500mAH for charging Li-on batteries. Similar to a collective size of two USB drives, the iWALK is a perfect fit as a pocket charger.



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