New Twitter features on iOS, improved search

Twitter's new Top Tweets feature

We know that Twitter has been working on its search feature for some time now, and the company has announced that it is going to add a new feature to its search pretty soon. Actually, the feature has been rolled out as an update, but not everyone would have already got it by now. The new feature is in the search department of the Twitter app, and the feature is called the Top Tweets.

When you search for a tweet on Twitter, the service will produce a list of the top tweets for that search query and will put these tweets in a new “Top Tweet” list, and this is “the best match for your query based on relevance and engagement,” according to Twitter’s blog post. And if you want to to see more tweets than the in the list generated, you will have to tap “View more from this time.” Twitter recommends searching for “four more years” or “deep challenge” to see an example. But then again, as the update is still rolling out, you may not see these changes right away.

The company has also announced that it will be adding some features to its app on the iPhone and the iPad, and you will have to download the latest version of these apps on the respective devices to see the new features. “One feature keeps tweets prominent to make sure people don’t forget to retweet or their favorite tweets, thereby keeping more interactions within its network,” writes CNET.

When you open a link from a tweet in your timeline, you’ll see that tweet displayed at the bottom of the app’s built-in web browser. This provides additional context to the page you’re viewing, and makes it easy for you to retweet, favorite or reply to the tweet as you’re reading an article or watching a video. If you don’t want to see the tweet, simply tap the page and the tweet will slide away from view. By pulling up or down on the tray icon, the tweet will appear or disappear from view.

Source: CNET