New low cost 3G smartphone uses e-ink display

Fndroid EInk Android 3G smartphone

With the steep rise of smart phone technology and all the technology underlining becoming cheap, the smart phones are getting stronger by the day. We have new smart phones being released constantly by different manufacturers and most of them have really powerful processors in them, along with a variety of other components, such as graphics processors, an array of sensors of different types, display unit, and much more. And all these new powerful components need more battery power to make them work, hence the smart phone’s battery life is not so good as one expects.

This is one of the major problems with the smart phones of today. And battery technology is not really evolving in parallel with other technologies. So what do we need at such a situation, a smart phone which is smart enough to save a huge amount of battery life? And Fndroid, a Chinese company, has come out with one such solution, and that is called e ink. Yes, the company has showcased two prototypes at the Mobile World Congress 2013 of an Android smart phone with e ink displays on them.

This means that the display will not make a lot of battery power, it will be clearly visible in the sun, and also, the displays would be easy on the eyes as well. One of the prototypes comes with a 1 GHz processor and a 3G chip built into it. This is the one in white. This shows that even though the display is e ink, the smart phone can have good features.

The other prototype, in black, offers only EDGE. Both the prototypes are running the Android OS on them, but not all features of the OS are currently functioning on the devices. Videos, of course, cannot be played on these displays. But other features such as the dialer app, emails, calendar, texts from websites, and a few others are working with any issues. The company is talking with carriers to be able to release the smart phones sometime later this year.

Source: Phone Arena