New Google+ updates breathe new life into the social network!

Google+ has updated its iOS and android apps with a host of new features. Some of these are along the lines of new social media favorite, Instagram while some are a refreshing new set of features for image editing and location services. Google’s new photo editing capabilities comes from its acquisition of Snapseed and the company is encouraging users to download the Snapseed app for iOS and android.

goo2The image editing feature set that has come with the new update includes basic editing like rotation and photo cropping, photo filters, brightness, contrast and image saturation control and easy comparison with original snaps and pictures. Another neat new feature is allowing users to swipe through photo albums. The other update works on location services within the social network. Users will have full control over who can see their best available location within their specific circles.

A third feature of the rollout is more text featured in posts and texts, larger image previews, highlighted +1’s, comments and reshares. After the collapse of Google Buzz, the largest search engine in the world is trying its hardest to make a go of its social networking model, Google+ with new, improved features, looks and interface. Not as loaded as Facebook or Twitter, with a plethora of features, Google+ has a lot to catch up with but is quickly getting there. Facebook meanwhile is steadily losing users to newer social networks like Instagram and Pinterest so Google + has to reckon with these as well. The new photo features and location services are a treat though, and will hold user’s interest for a while.


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