New Final Fantasy Game Will Be Revealed At E3


Final Fantasy, Square Enix’s multi-million dollar franchise is back. This time, it will be released for the upcoming video game console of Sony which is the Playstation 4.

The exciting news was revealed in one of the articles of Gamespot which was published just after the announcement of PS4 in New York. According to the source, during the interview of Shinji Hashimoto, the FF series director said that a new installment for the game is definitely in the works. But no other details were given by Hashimoto except that more information will be provided at the E3 event this June.

However, the audiences were given an idea about what to expect with the new Final Fantasy. The creators of the famous series showcased the Agni’s Philosophy demo which was released some time last year.

The demo actually contains the kind of technology that Square Enix will be using for the upcoming game. Hashimoto stated that the graphics produced using the Lumino studio engine represents the kind of realism and the high level of visual clarity that they are trying to achieve with the next generation game.

Apparently, the stunning video was no easy task because it took the company one year to make it before its unveiling last year. The duration of the planning stage was 6 months. Then, the other 6 was spent in developing the nearly 4-minute video.

Stay tuned for more updates about the new Final Fantasy game. But for the meantime, check out this video of Agni’s Philosophy which features a sorceress named Agni and set in a world where magic and science are no longer different from each other.

Source: Gamespot