New Castlevania will Not Have A Wii U Version According To Konami

Bad news to all Nintendo Wii U owners who are eagerly awaiting the release of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. According to Gamespot, the new installment of the franchise will not be available for the new generation video game console. The reason for skipping the new console is simply due to the budget constraints of the developers.

In the recent interview of Eurogamer with Dave Cox, the Konami producer stated that pushing through with the creation of a Wii U port of the upcoming game will mean hiring an addition of 20 developers at the MercurySteam office. He pointed out that this is something that is not feasible at present. Therefore, the new Castlevania game will only be available for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

However, he pointed out that the decision is not due to the lack of interest for the new gaming console. He said that adding the new platform to their work would only cause a distraction for the moment so they currently opted against it.

So, does this mean they will proceed with it later?

Cox answered that they might consider working on it in the future. But then, he said that even if they had additional resources for it, the office at MercurySteam may not be enough to accommodate the extra manpower.

According to Cox, the MercurySteam office was only meant for 60 people. But they had to add more people in the team. So now, the number of personnel that they have is around 110 which is almost double the intended capacity of the office. It would also be a nightmare to manage additional people at the current setting he added.

Despite the unfortunate news, Nintendo fans can still get to play Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate through their 3DS. The game was released last March 5 and it bridges the events between Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and the one which is under development right now.

About The Franchise

Castlevania has been around for more than two decades . This slash and hack game with combinations of horror, action-adventure and dark fantasy debuted in Japan in 1986 followed by a global release in 1987. The original console that featured it was Nintendo’s Family Computer Disk System or the FDS.

At first, the game employed 2D graphics with side-scrolling features. But as the gaming industry evolved, better features were added in terms of graphics, development of its physics, enhanced sound effects and others.

The critically acclaimed game has bagged numerous awards since its inception due to its innovative gameplay and other factors. It was even featured in Guinness World Records’ Gamers edition for breaking barriers in the gaming arena over the years.

Sources: Gamespot

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