Nemo’s Reef updated with fun new features

Nemo, everyone’s favorite fish is back to entertain! The latest update to the iOS game, Nemo’s Reef sports several improvements to make it cuter, more fun and entertaining for kids and adults alike. The original melted hearts with exciting animation about the undersea based on the movie about a father and son called “Finding Nemo”. The game though designed for children is interesting, not a mere play out of the movie. The original version needs a young clown-fish to build a reef with plants and fish. As a player you need to assist Nemo with his endeavor to help him win the game.

nemo2The latest update that adds spunk to Nemo and his friends allows you to collect pearls from the rarer species of fish residing in the reef. If fed well regularly, these fish will add beautiful pearls to your collection. Another new feature is the addition of the treasure chest that requires unlocking to receive exciting new gifts from the mysterious ocean. These chests float around the sea bed waiting for you to unlock an unexpected treasure. The update to Nemo’s Reef adds cool new features like attracting new sea animals to your reef for a colorful habitat. Italian and Spanish are also supported with the new version of the game.

This delightful, adorable game is available for iOS 4.3 and up and covers a range of iPhone, iPad and iPod series devices. The animation is fantastic giving you the look and feel of the movie with brilliant special effects to simulate the ocean. The new update is going to keep kids busy for a while!


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  1. As happens with many Android “updates”, something gets borked: servers have been down all day and although the new updates are fun, actually playing the game has become an impossibility. Boo Disney. Boo indeed.

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