MyRealFont App Review: Create Your Own Handwriting

0MyRealFont is a paid app originally released in last year. Since then, it has been downloaded almost one million times, and millions of people have begun to be able to write in their personal handwriting and send messages or emails to their friends and family with their own real font. It has been a success on iOS platform. Now, it is available on all android devices. Therefore, more people can enjoy this fun. Best of all, it is now for free.

In the digital age, all people’s fonts are looking monotonously alike because of the function of copying. MyRealFont allows you to create your own handwriting font and use it on your Mac or PC. Your real font will please your friends because they may think that you have taken extra time to send them a personal handwritten note or email.

And most importantly, you can export your font and install it on your Mac or PC to start using the real font as a standard font, and then you can send emails to your friends with your own font on your PC or Mac even use the font in word documents.

Moreover, you can upload your font to Facebook and share it with your friends.

Now, you can create your font by following steps: Draw your letters and capital letters from a-z/A-Z; and then numbers and some symbols; after that, save your font and name it.

Then you are able to write a message with your own font by choosing your background, writing whatever you want using your standard keypad, changing font size and color, and adding cool stickers.

You can also send postcards to your friend. First, use your photo gallery or take a picture and use it to be the background of your postcard; second, change the position of your text box. You can place it diagonal or horizontal. And of course you can send the postcard by email to your friends.

There’re tons of fun for this app, but it still couldn’t satisfy me all. Because it only has one language to use, that’s English. It is not adapted to French or some other languages. If there’re some other international languages added to this app, it could be cool, such as Chinese.

As for me, MyRealFont is one of the most practical apps. I love it, because it’s easy to use. And almost all of the users like this app very much. It’s really worth the download.

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