Mozilla to have Firefox app workshops and give free preview phones to attendees

Mozilla Firefox OS team

Mozilla’s Firefox mobile operating system is a new player in the market, and it needs partners or developers to work on the new platform. For any mobile operating system in the market today, the number of apps available in the app market place is very important. This is because this number goes into the advertising of the platform, and even though we do not install thousands of app on our smart phones, we want the platform to have hundreds of thousands of apps available for it. So, to make this possible, Mozilla has announced that it will hosting a few workshops in different parts of the world to make it easy for small businesses or individuals to port their apps to the new Firefox OS.

The company will be arranging many such workshops, with the first three to take place in Madrid, Spain on April 20; Bogotá, Colombia on May 18; and Warsaw, Poland on June 1. Interested attendees are supposed to fill out a form and submit it to the company. And along with this form, you will have to showcase your ability to code the web, because the company is not going to teach you how to write web apps, this workshop will just teach you how to port your existing apps to the new Firefox operating system.

Along with all the teaching, the attendees will get a chance to play with the Firefox development devices, and they will also be allowed to take one such Firefox development hardware away with them. The company will be releasing the new Firefox mobile operating system next year, and by then, the company wants to have as many apps in the market place as possible. And that is the reason the company is organizing these workshops.

The company has not announced how many developers it will be calling for these workshops. If you want in, you better apply for it right away. All the best!

Source: Tech Crunch